Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Real Time Video Performance

Here is a video from my latest performance in Chicago. Its a real time video audio piece that utilizes a rapid analog video switcher I built using a micro controller and communication from max/msp. Here are the notes from the program:

This improvised performance will be a continuation of my experimentation in video processing and image distortion by implementing a combination of analog and digital techniques. Abstract videos distorted by means of pixilation and data compression are processed through rapid and rhythmic analog video switching resulting in de-synchronization and visual disorientation.


  1. Did the projector dislike any of this? Is the flickering induced by the projector trying to sync? Or did you output the correct sync from the microcontroller and mess with the signal there?

  2. the projector HATED this signal, i did some hacking and got it to stabilize enough by lightly mixing in a slug to supply a constant signal and digitized it before the projector.