Friday, April 30, 2010

Synchronization/Pixilation: Electronic Didgeridoo and Real-time Video Processing

I have been focusing much of my time recently toward expanding the potential of my electronic didgeridoo. As I have continued to experiment with the instrument sonically, I have also been developing a system that allows for real-time control of visuals in a manner that relates to and extend the musical capabilities of the instrument. I wanted to create a visual pallet consisting primarily of two distinct and opposing forces; analog distortions and digital malfunctions. The system is entirely controlled through the modified didgeridoo by utilizing audio reactivity and the available interface of the instrument. By combining the use of custom software with handmade hardware, I was able to produce a result that distorts visuals through rapid signal interruptions and pixilates and digitally degrades imagery through software manipulation and feedback loops.

Link to Higher Quality video:

Here is a link to some info on the early stages of the project:

Or for info on my Electronically Modified Didgeridoo:

Some stills of the resulting visuals:

Some of the hardware:

Some selected stills of my patches:

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