Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sine.Magnet.Phosphoresced - Audio/Video Installation - Kyle Evans

*Note: Internal laptop speakers will not properly reproduce the low frequency sounds utilized in the piece, please uses external speakers.

-This is documentation of a recent audio/visual installation that explores an analogues relationship between sound and image. Sound is generated and modified algorithmically and is visualized through the utilization of the phosphorescent capabilities of antiquated television technology. Each television has been modified to display the electrical signal associated with the sound transforming it into patterns and imagery.


  1. Most laptop have speakers that cannot replicate the full volume of external speakers. But other models have speakers capable of quality sound.

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    1. Yes, you are right, some laptop speakers are better than others. But this piece uses VERY low frequency sine tones (as low as 48Hz) which smaller speakers that fit inside of laptops physically cannot reproduce. Some laptop speakers are great at reproducing the upper harmonics of complex low frequency sounds (simulating a low frequency), but a sine wave has no overtones so it is just the fundamental frequency. Only a sound systems with a wide enough frequency range can reproduce them. There are many recorded sounds in this piece that a laptop just physically can't make, all you would be able to hear is the higher frequency sounds (which there are also many of). It's not really an issue of volume, but frequency response.