Wednesday, July 19, 2017

//COLAPSE Music Video && New pulseCoder Album

New pulseCoder release available through Shadowtrash Tapegroup! Tape + digital download available here:
You can stream the entire album through Aug. 6th here:

Here is a video for //COLAPSE

More info on pulseCoder here:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Limited Hangout at the Dallas Medianale

Lots of amazing things in the works for my collaborative project Limited Hangout. Next up, we will be performing at the opening reception of the 2017 Dallas Medianale, along with Kristin Reeves (KY), Karine Fleurima (CA), and Therefore (TX). More info on the FB event page here:

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dadageek Class: Intro to Digital Synthesis and Performance with Max

I will be teaching a 7 week course at Dadageek. More info and signup on the Eventbrite page.

Learn how to build your own sounds from scratch through digital synthesis techniques, and transform pre-recorded samples and live audio. Those interested in performance can take their work into real-time by incorporating performance interfaces such as MIDI controllers, video game controllers, and mobile apps.
This course is designed for sound artists, new media artists, and musicians looking to expand their work into the world of creative coding. Students will get introductory, hands-on training in Max/MSP (“Max”), a powerful multimedia tool for audio creation.
This 7-week course will focus on helping each student to develop their own creative project through hands-on workshopping and in-class experimentation.
The class culminates in a public performance showcase with each student creating a solo or collaborative digital performance piece of their own design.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Level - Micro EP Release by Pulsecoder

You can now find a digital download of the first 3 tracks released by Pulsecoder on Bandcamp.