Friday, June 26, 2009

First Stages of a TV Transmission Project

This is an ongoing performative work that involves video transmission and audio/video synchronization. The video above demonstrates the beginning of a piece that I will be working on throughout the remainder of this year. I will try to add updates as much as possible through the evolution of the project.
As of now it consists of a handmade tunable video transmitter and a micro controller based on the ATMega 168 chip. Detuning the transmitter creates a multitude of visualizations and colors. Photo resistors on the TV detect light levels and communicate with Max/MSP for audio control. Here are some stills of the transmitter and my Max patch.

I plan on expanding the project greatly in the near future. It will be taken from stereo to a quadrophonic setup and will have greater image control using Jitter. I will try to update my progress as much as possible.

Here is a link to the site with diagrams of how to build the TV transmitter. There is a bunch of neat stuff on the sight about homemade audio and video transmitting.

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