Thursday, July 30, 2009

Under Construction

Here are some pics and info about some of the devices that I am in the middle of constructing.

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This first one is the newest and furthest from completion. I call it an Event Generator, it is for triggering and controlling samples and synthesis events from Max. This instrument and its accompanying program are designed to be universal so they can be added to some of my existing projects and performances. It is more of an add on than a stand alone instrument.
Here is my original outline sketch and schematic for the micro.

The next two are for my transmission project. The first is a controller for jitter (video in Max/MSP). With this device I will be able to alter and mix my transmitting video in realtime. It requires two micros to run.

The last is for syncing the audio to the transmitted video. It receives information from four photo resistors placed on the TV screen. The audio from Max responds to the brightness of the images on screen. There are four inputs because I intend for the finished performance to be in a quadrophonic setup.

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