Monday, August 17, 2009

Short Improvisation with my New Setup

This is an short improvisation using my auto-matrix mixer and my new "event generator." I will be performing with this rig on Tuesday, August 25th at Super Happy Fun Land, a performance venue in Houston. Doors open at 8pm, please come if you can! I plan on continuing to perform with the rig for a while, or until I add something new to it. The event generator (my newest) is similar to a sampler but with more complexities; it works with multiple types of synthesis (additive, granular, and FM) as well as sampled materials and effects (delays and ring mod). Envelope time is controlled my a turn of a knob making it a very versatile instrument for both quick events or long drones. And like most of my work, algorithms and aleatoric composition are involved to keep things interesting.

Here are some stills of some of my patches for both the auto-matrix and the event generator.

Here is a list of who all will be playing at the show:
Stolen Library
Thomas Helton

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